About Maddy Grace & Colton James

Maddy Grace has been singing and making up songs since she first learned to talk. Her musical journey took a definitive turn upon discovering Taylor Swift, that’s when she finally sat down at the piano and learned to play her first song “New Year’s Day”. By 12, Maddy was not just a singer but a songwriter, debuting her compositional skills at 13 with a song that bore both her lyrics and melodies. Together with her brother, Colton, they have since crafted over 20 songs, blending their creative minds into harmonious outputs. Maddy’s style—a unique blend with a pop-country essence—reflects her individuality. At 15, her mature, clear vocals and story-driven lyrics resonate with an authenticity and depth that is beyond her years. Whether behind a mic, a keyboard, or a guitar, Maddy Grace embodies the spirit of a storyteller, captivating audiences with her musical tales.

Colton James had his first guitar lesson at the age of 7, but it wasn’t until he picked it back up at 10 that things really clicked for him. His journey through music is a testament to his old soul, drawing from a diverse palette that ranges from the rock vibes of Lynyrd Skynyrd to the heartfelt ballads of Bryan Adams, the intricate melodies of John Mayer, and the country strains of Aaron Watson—with a sprinkle of Taylor Swift, courtesy of Maddy. Colton has the ability to hear something once and be able to almost perfectly replicate it, exploring and mastering new techniques constantly. At 11, he began to co-compose songs with Maddy. Now 12, Colton’s performances—whether in harmony with Maddy or solo covers—reveal a young artist with a profound musicality.

Together, Maddy Grace and Colton James are not just siblings but a dynamic musical duo, whose stage presence and performances are nothing short of mesmerizing.